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Write For Us – News, Entertainment, and Tech Guest Post Opportunities!

Here at Times of World, we are always eager to welcome new talents to join our team and serve our cause of providing a diverse platform of knowledge and information to our readers. 

If you think that you can contribute your skills and expertise to our blogs in any way, with exceptional writing skills and excellent command of grammar, we at Times of World, are happy to welcome you with open hearts.  

Have a good command of English, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we will guide you in every way we can you just have to show learning behaviour and put in an untiring effort. Read along with this ‘Write for us’ and you will find a guide from where and how you can start writing. And maybe this will be an opportunity for you, where you will click as a writer. 

Write For Us Initiative 

The write for us initiative can be availed by anyone who wants to write. We encourage you to pitch us your best ideas and don’t forget to follow the guidelines to secure a position in our team. 

Always make sure that your ideas are unique and creative. Send our team your pitch that is creative and innovative to make your selection certain. Here, we have stated some guidelines to help you through the steps to join our team. 

Write For Us Guidelines 

Write For Us Guest Post

Try to make an influence on your first attempt by following these simple steps to write your content:  

  • Make your content simple and easy to grasp  
  • Always write to the point sentences 
  • Try to shorten your sentences   
  • 700 words are the minimum limit of an average article  
  • Content should be unique and plagiarism free  
  • Content should be well-researched and based on real statistics  
  • Keep the number of subheadings moderate 
  • Try to use Keywords at many places in your article 
  • Keep your keyword intent simple  
  • Creativity is the key 
  • Minimize the use of passive voice  
  • Try to create content that is free from grammatical errors
  • Press releases and posts on irrelevant topics will not be entertained and your article may get rejected 
  • Find an engaging topic to write on which will keep the interest of the reader

Guidelines For Guest Writers 

Guest writers are encouraged to write compelling and unique content. We hope that the content you provide us will be thoroughly researched and contain accurate information. content with irrelevant and inaccurate information will be rejected. 

If you are willing to contact the Times of World editor, there is no need to write irrelevant stories about yourself. Only include simple details about yourself and why you want to write for us. Keep the message precise and don’t add unnecessary information and details. 

We request the guest writers to submit only original contents that are free from plagiarism. Any content with the slightest bit of plagiarism will be rejected. 

If your content is approved you will be contacted by our editor at the provided email address in 3 weeks’ time and if you do not hear from us till this time, then your proposal must have been rejected for some reason. 

Even if your article gets rejected, don’t lose hope there. If you want to start your writing career with us, then improve your writing skills and then apply again on our website.

Contact Us 

In case of any queries, questions or confusion about the writing for our site, feel free to contact us at We will be pleased to assist you in any manner we can. 

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